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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  May 20, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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and to the west, again showers and thunderstorms. severe weather outbreak across the middle of the nation. more coming up. as you go through the rest of the day this is what to expect, the high temperature, or the lunchtime temperature around 77 degrees. now, traffic check with lauren. good morning. lynette. as you mentioned we are dealing with patchy fog this morning. if you run into area of low visibility use the low beams. the jfx coming to get in your way. everything will remain up to speed traveling on 95. 55 miles per hour right now on the northbound lanes at 395. as we check in and take a live look at the beltway. here is what the west side looks like. everything is nice and calm. a 12 minute ride traveling the outer loop from 795 to 95. and everything in great shape. on the outer loop, 11 minute ride from 95 to 83.
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that's your time-saver traffic. 4:32. violent winds, rain, hail and tornadoes after a destructive weekend for those living in the central university, tornado season has officially begun. here is charlie with a wrap up of sunday's deadly storms and a look what is to come. >> reporter: they are expecting more severe weather across the nation heartland again. and violent tornadoes, dangerous storms from texas to minnesota, including wisconsin. this is one day after a rash of storms began plowing through tornado alley. during the weekend those usually suspects squarely in mother nature's crosshairs again. tornadoes hit in oklahoma killing a 79-year-old man. that was one of several touching down. after storms from texas to minnesota, and oklahoma, 21 people were injured. that state's governor declared an emergency for 16 oklahoma counties. >> the wind came up all of the
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sudden. the rv started shaking. thank you, we were not hurt. >> in wichita, kansas, it touched dow near the airport, and knocking out power to thunderstorms. ef1 with wind at 110 miles per hour. and two reports of tornadoes in iowa on sunday night. both according to the des moines register, near or north of des moines. and those living along this incredibly long stretch of tornado alley were giving warning for there thweekend threat. in the oklahoma office is saying on wednesday they indicated storms. >> character character thanks. you can get the late information, pictures and videos of tornadoes across the country available on our website, click on the weather tab on happening today, a tv commercial is just set to air here in maryland.
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it is the latest in on an going battle over control. linda so is live. what is it about? >> reporter: the 30 second -- maryland's new done control law feature as mother, bishop and hunter talking about why they think it will help reduce violence. here is the ad? >> it is the latest. >> something had to be done. >> here in maryland, we stood up. >> and joined the governor and the legislature to pass real solutions. >> that reduce gun violence. >> reporter: the ad is sponsored by the group marylanders to prevent gun violence. the new law is a model for the rest of the country. last week, governor o'malley signed the bill that bans certain assault weapons, limits magazines and requires people to submit fingerprints to buy a handgun, but gun right supporters are vowing to not quite fighting by challenging
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it in court or forcing to a referendum. now, gun right supporters started the petition. they need to collect 56,000 stig sutures by the end of june. and 15,000 by the end of this month. and supporters gathered a rally for this saturday in philly one of the speakers is out spoken about gun rights. linda so, abc 2 news. 4:35. and lawyers for kevin clash will be in court this morning. the man who used to be the voice of alamo. his attorneys are planning to argument that the suit should be dismissed. now our top stories this morning. officials are trying to figure of exactly what happened inside of a burning home. fire is to blame for two deaths after a 58-year-old and a
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volunteer firefighter, kenchner, an investigation into this death is continuing. and fallen firefighters in baltimore county were honored in a ceremony. young them the young man who gave his life trying to same another. ♪ [ music ] >> gene, m. kirchner. >> gene was one of the 44 names read at this year's ceremony in townsend. the 27-year-old died on may 2nd. a week after being burned as a firefighter in the fire. >> it is whether it is fighting a major fire. >> gene kirchner's twin brother carried the wealth. student is recovering this
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morning following a stabbing. a student was stabbed inside of erickson hall during a fight. he is expected to be okay. police arrested kradz and charging him with assault. he attended the spring semester, but it recently withdrawn. police want to know who shot two teen boys in washington neighborhood that happened early saturday morning. one victim is 16 and the other is 17. one was shot in the head and the other in the leg and then had a wound to the face. both are expected to survive. a remind it from police to click it or take it this morning. beginning today law enforcement agencies sharing borders will team up with seatbelt enforcement. last year, 108 drivers lost their lives on the road. you will see beefed up enforcement this week as we head into the memorial day weekend. it is a foggy commute.
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>> it was, lynette. and once again it is sticky. >> you all right dealing with the fog and the humidity, that will stick around, at least the humidity. the fog for this morning. look at the visibility, it is reduced this morning. leeps than a mile in fredrick. if you're traveling north make sure that you take it easy out there, it will be a little bit of a dicey commute. this is the satellite and radar, well, we have a few showers overnight it is dealing with the clouds and fog this morning. we pullout, severe weather across the middle of the nation. so more tornadoes across the heartland through the afternoon. temperature wise this morning close to home, above-average, 60s across the board. as you work throughout your day this is what to expect, again, that lunchtime temperature coming in around 77 degrees. now, back over to you.
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jones is hoping to bring home a second trophy back to baltimore. >> yes. what you can expect.
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it is the day that baltimore fans have been waiting for. in a few hours jones will hit the dance floor showing he has what it takes. he and his partner had their eyes on the prize. this is the dancewhere the stars twitter page. now, they take a break. last week, they got their first perfect score. 30 out of 30 for the season tieing for first place. tonight, the four remaining couples reform three dances. a new style, the judges want tosy a chacha relay and a supervise freestyle. >> all right. we're excited to see what our champ has in store for us tonight. even his teammates are looking forward to the finale. there is a viewing party at glory days restaurant. now, if the tweet is any indication, none of us will be
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disappointed. over the weekend, tweeted working hard for our dance for the finale. cannot wait to show you on monday. they are dancing, there are making it look easy, but as we all know it is anything but that. he is doing it for three months now there. is an art to ballroom skance -- dancing that is according to jones. now, we are live in hollywood trying to find out what jones has been through the last three months. >> all right. in sync, you will not know that leslie has ever danced. between the two, they have two decades of experience on the store. we went to hollywood. the latin dances are leslie's specialties. >> all is a lot of different ways to move your feet, shines and things like this.
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so, you help them to dance around their opponent. >> reporter: they got their first perfect score of the season with the tango. the dance is strict and internal. >> it is a fantastic thing to do, because dance is something, it teaches people to express themselves in ways that they're very open -- not used to expressing themselves. >> reporter: that sounds like me. so why not, i let them talk me into a salsa lesson. >> all right. back, to you front and back. >> reporter: i think that is the whole beauty of being a dancer. making it look graceful and easy. >> maybe easy for someone else. >> i'm going to go here. 1, 2, 3. and then turn here. >> this is the lady's job. >> reporter: eventually my feet caught up. >> so, that was 35 seconds?
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maybe a minute? now you're salsaing. >> reporter: they make it look so easy. >> you can use your hips. you can give yourself a hair comb. >> reporter: once i learned the fancy footwork, we stepped it up. then came the music. ♪ [ music ] >> you really got close. >> the music came on. you did what we talked about it. >> dance look nobody else is looking. that's one of the most important things in dance and self-expression. >> i'm proud of you. >> look at her, she needed music. of course, she is out in los angeles. we want to remind you jones and his partner will be dancing for
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the mirror ball tonight. >> you can follow kelly out there in los angeles for "dancing with the stars." she has been there on and off throughout the season and bringing you great reports. now, four teams remain. jones and karina going for the mirror ball. follow us on twitter. >> all right. time for a check of your weather as you head out the door, be prepared, not the prettiest day, just tough to see on the highways. >> you are right. megan, patchy fog this morning. saturated air this morning. so give yourself enough time and drive slowly. temperature wise we're feeling and looking good. 66 degrees right now. bel air is coming in at 65. too bad the winds are not up a bit, that would kind of breakup the fog that we're seeing in
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the atmosphere. satellite and radar honing in on where we are, a few showers rolled in overnight. right now drizzle and midst out there, throughout the day the potential for showers and thunderstorms. a warm front passed through the area and upper level disturbance on us as well. we need the umbrella throughout the day. don't forget it. abc 2 news future trend goes into motion, and chances for showers throughout the day. so 11:00 the professional showers in the forecast. off and on throughout the day. 4:00, your commute hope you will have to work with wet weather as well. and then tuesday in the afternoon another chance for showers. so again, the showers will be the name of the game through the week and the weekend is looking better. in the meantime, the morning showers, 66 degrees, by 9:00,
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72 and 77 degrees will be the lunchtime temperature, here is the seven-day forecast, a warmup is on the way, 87 on tuesday and wednesday. here is a check of the traffic with lauren. well, you mentioned it. patchy fog is a problem this morning. be aware traveling. right now high-speeds across the region. here is a live look at i-70. you will notice the poor visibility here in the area, but no delays traveling westbound or eastbound. take it slow and use the low beams. heading over to 95 here, just north of 195, no problems at all. as we look at the drive times, 7 minutes to travel northbound to route 100 to 695. and 695, that will be in great shape right now. on the west side a 12 minute ride. on the outer loop from 795 to 95. and east it is nice and calm. an 11 minute trip on the router
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loop from 95 to 83. that's your time-saver traffic. coming up on abc 2 news --
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all right. welcome back on this monday
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morning. we know that we didn't win, but we still don't know who did. today we would find out a little bit more about the luckiest person in america. >> no kidding. lottery officials are saying that the powerball winner can came their prize when the agency opens this morning. the one and only ticket was bought here a public supermarket in florida. the small town is 30 miles outside of tampa. saturday's drawing's the largest jackpot in history. if they take the annual payments it is worth 590 1/2 million$. i don't want to forget the half. if they decide to take the cash option, it is worth nearly $371 million. it is not bad. all right. five things to know on this monday. all right. community leaders will meet across maryland and washington, d.c. this morning to talk
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about immigration reform. this is a day after the group in the house has reached a bipartisan agreement. the annual olds decades tradition will make place in annapolis today. they will form a human pyramid around the 21-foot tall monument, they are going to try to get classmates to the top to retrieve a dixie cup and replace it with a hat. last year it took the class of 2015 two hours. students will receive bags of books today. this is in head start sites across the city. the summer program is to keep students learning during the summer months. united airlines is getting 787s back in the air. this is after being grounded for four months with a battery problem. the first light is from 11:00 this morning from houston to
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chicago. the first active pro athlete to come out as gay. he will receive the courage award. he will be presented in new york tonight. the preakness is in the books. 117,000 fans attended the race on saturday. that is the fourest largest crowd ever. now that race is over and so are the talks of the triple crown winner. disappointing orb was the favorite to win. oxbow took home first place. orb was 4th. now it is time for the horses to get ready for the belmont takes. all right. now the forecast today. lynette, during the weekend the threat of rain throughout, it never really happened. today, maybe a downpour at any moment. >> we had showers during preakness, so that steady cloud
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thing happening. so throughout the day more of that. on and off showers. but we're starting the day off with foggy conditions. as the kids head to school, they can expect the temperature around 66 degrees. throughout the day it is warm. the temperature 80 degrees. and once again, stepping off of the bus, waiting for the bus coming back home, they are going to be dealing with temperatures on the warm side. to the game tonight, the temperature 77 degrees and we have a threat for showers and storms. now, a check of the traffic with lauren. all right. this morning take it easy. a lot of fog in the area. take the slow. use the low beams if necessary. now, the fog will be an issue in fredrick. so be careful there. right now, 83, nice and clear as we take a live look. no delays to the beltway. it will remain in great shape as you make your way to the
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jfx. here is a look at 95 and route 43. everything is up to speed. a normal drive time of 7 minutes. 695 is also in great shape. an 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 95 to 83. it will remain calm on the west side, 12 minutes on the outer loop from 795 to 95. that's your time-saver traffic. more coming up. we'll be right back. (horn blowing)
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so, this morning there are hundreds of thousands new college graduates in the country. over the weekend dozens of yours nationwide held commencement ceremonies. in california, one of the graduates was so stranger to walking across the stage. at 90 years old, wally is the oldest graduate in california state university system. this past weekend, he received his masters of arts in education from california university. and he has a bachelors degree in history, a master's in literature and writing. and a master's in history. he is a smart guy. that's 94 -- four degrees. you are never too old to learn. >> improving your mind and increasing your learning, it is what it is ability. >> all right. probably why he is sharp.
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>> he is hoping to mentor others and teacher then the importance of education. they go above and beyond keeping us safe. this morning we are honoring baltimore firefighters killed in the line of duty. >> all right. supersized hail after nearly 50 tornadoes hammer six states. >> one of the big stories on this monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. we have a lot to talk about. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charlie crowson. all right. lynette charles. i know that you are going to talk about storms in the mid section. it is feeling sticky and foggy, nasty. it is nasty. a dreary time day. we look at maryland's most powerful radar. here are the storms pushing off towards the east. the same places hard hit over the weekend, they are hard hit again today. unfortunately, that's not good for them.


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